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$42k Cash Collected in 30 Days! (2021)

$50,000+ in Treatment in the First 30 Days (2022)

$22,000 in Treatment Starts & $20,000 in Treatment Pending in the First 14 Days of Working With Us (2022)

40 Appointments in 1 week! (2021)

10x Investment in the first month! (2021)

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$60k Treatment Start from a Walk-In (2022)

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First $10k Closed Case from a New Client (2021)

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Five Qualified Shows in 2 weeks With a New Client (2022)

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$12,000 in Treatment Starts in 2 weeks (2022)

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$55,000 in Treatment Starts in the First Month (2022)

$50,000+ in Treatment Starts in the First 60 Days (2022)

$100,000 in Treatment Accepts in JUST 10 Days! (2022)

$37,000 in Treatment Starts in One Week (2022)


We run targeted advertisements to people in your area. Our team will then qualify anybody thats interested, books them into an appointment, and incentivizes them to walk in through your doors.

The cost of this program can vary per practice and comes down to a few factors: your current offering, your practice location, area demographics, area’s income level, and the competitive landscape of the area. We can give you a more accurate quote on our discovery call.

We have two separate pricing models. One is a no-commitment monthly service fee. The second is a Pay-Per-Show model where we charge every time we get a qualified patient to show up at your practice. The costs for each program varies per client.

Yes! Depending on your practice and unique situation, we guarantee 10-20 showed up appointments in 30-90 days or we work for free.

One of the biggest challenges with implant marketing is no-show rates. We handle everything for you until a patient shows up so you can do what you do best. However, we cannot guarantee a patient will convert because we simply have no control over the sale.


We only do implant advertising for new clients, but we also run orthodontic and general dentistry campaigns for existing clients.

The best way to get more information is to schedule a short 7-15 minute call where we can answer all your questions and get to know each other a bit more. You can schedule the call by clicking the button below.


This is your time to grow!